Grantee Spotlight

These spotlights tell the stories of grantees who have used FPNTC resources to improve their systems, develop tools, and tackle issues. Links to the resources grantees tapped into are also provided.

Using a Decision-Making Support Tool to Improve Access to Contraception in Mississippi

Grantee: Mississippi State Department of Health

Providing Contraception Without Unnecessary Delays

Grantee: Louisiana Office of Public Health

Applying An Adaptive Leadership Approach to Increase Male Participation within Title X Services

Grantee: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Using the FPNTC Training Tracking System to Ensure Compliance with Title X Training Requirements

Grantee: Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.

Applying A Quality Improvement Approach to Improve Clinic Efficiency

Grantee: Women's Health and Family Planning Association of Texas