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Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting in Title X-Funded Family Planning Settings: Instructions for Customizing and Delivering a State-Specific Training

Training Guide
Mandatory Reporting

This document provides detailed instructions on how to prepare and deliver a state-specific training on mandatory child abuse reporting. Specifically, it links to key resources and advises users on how to customize slides in the accompanying PowerPoint slide deck with information on state mandatory reporting laws.

The PowerPoint slide deck is a template that must be completed with state-specific information, as detailed in the instructions. The slides also include comprehensive talking points for a facilitator to customize and use to train staff.

NOTE: Mandatory child abuse reporting is determined by state law. Statutes can be very difficult to interpret and they are regularly updated. In addition, attorney general opinion and case law, which can be difficult to find, play a role in how the statutes are implemented and understood. It is critical that agencies consult with legal counsel when developing policies and/or staff training on mandatory child abuse reporting.

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