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A Welcome Package from the Title X National Training Centers

Contraceptive Services Program Management
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Welcome to the Title X Family Planning National Training Center (FPNTC) and the National Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (NCTCFP)! We are pleased to provide free training, technical assistance, and resources that support Title X agencies in delivering high-quality family planning and preventive health services. NCTCFP is specifically charged with providing clinical training to nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, physicians, and physician assistants.

This page provides a quick orientation to training resources for Title X agencies, including where to go for support to implement Title X requirements, program priorities, and clinical guidelines.

Connect with Us

Title X grantees can get connected to the FPNTC and NCTCFP in the following ways:


Get Started

These basic training and guidance documents describe the foundation of the Title X program. All resources can be found on the Office of Population Affairs (OPA)’s website or the Title X Training Centers’ websites.

A great place to start is: Title X Orientation: Program Requirements for Title X Funded Family Planning Projects eLearning [FPNTC 1 hour eLearning course].


Foundational Training Resources

We recommend the following training resources to help Title X agencies implement Program Requirements and the Quality Family Planning (QFP) Services Recommendations.


Title X Grantee Liaisons

Each Title X grantee has an assigned “Grantee Liaison” at the FPNTC who will contact them periodically to gather input and share information. Title X grantees can reach out directly to their liaisons or contact us with any questions or concerns related to family planning training.